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I am Looking for help with my driver seat on my 1972 280sel. The seat is not the most stable. The support on the door side of the seat is much weaker than the side next to the center console. So when I am sitting I feel like I am l always fighting a lean towards the driver’s door. I am thinking this is due to 40 years of getting in an out and putting more weight on that side. Overall the driver’s seat, for lack of a better term, wobbles much more than the passenger side again due to the divers seat getting much more use than the passenger seat over 40 + years. I must add that I am a big guy 6’1” 285lbs. I am sure this takes a toll on the seat.

The cars is a few weeks from going into winter storage and I am going to pull the driver's seat and put new horsehair pads in both the seat and the back. I think this will give it a little more support but I would like to find a way to make the seat more stable and tight and if possible get the seat as firm as I can.

Has anyone added some structural support to these seats?

Has anyone found an aftermarket or newer Mercedes seat that is better and has anyone swapped out there seat from a W108 for a newer or different seat?

Any help of suggestions would be appreciated
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