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Hi new to site so far i love it. the reason for signing up is i'm looking for the ultimate plow machine, truck.

this is my scoop,
i plow a ton of municipal street with a ton of cultisac's, most cutisac's have islands in them with driveway and mailbox's all over.
the streets are double wide maybe 16' each side (i think) with curbs or angled curb (like a 45 degree).

contract calls for at less a 10' plow capable of plow 6" of snow (wet, light, doesn't matter) Oh yea i'm in the northern chicago area, with a 21/2 to 5 ton salter with prewet.

i have used pickups before but can't get big enough plow in front with big enough salter.

i use two axle and three axle dump truck now, but what a pain. back and forth back and forth, there has to be a better way!!!!!

so i started googling unimogs, and here i am.

i have noticed unimog makes a 4 wheel steer, can that one be used for plowing or is it not strong enough.

one last thing i we do love mud and crawling, i'm currently rebuilding a scout in colorado Mini-Build 11 ~ Steve L - Binder Planet Forums check it out should be done soon.

any help with fining a perfect plow truck let me know.

sorry about spelling still learning how to type.
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