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Looking for Sub location in ML with 3rd row to preserve maximum cargo space?

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Anyone know a good subwoofer location in ML with 3rd row to preserve maximum cargo space? I need the 3rd row and cargo space as I constantly doing road trip with families.

I seem one from previous post where a sets of speaker is build into the rear hatch to the opening for First Aids kits and Tool kits but would there be enough space there to woofer to works freely?
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I have similar needs for hauling stuff in the back. I had 2 speaker ports wired into the side. This way I can quickly add or remove my sub as needed without messing around with the amps or wiring.


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tsanjose - 1/28/2005 3:19 PM

just curious, is a capacitor needed to run a 10" system? i heard the ml's have a pretty heavy duty alternator and it isnt. just wanna know if im gonna need one.
Don’t really need one for a 10" but….. I’ve got 1000W Peak (300RMS) to the sub 12�. 1500W (400RMS) to the speakers. Thought a couple of caps would be cheap insurance against the possibility of alternator stress.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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