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I need help with a repair to my 1999 R170. At its age, the rear wing window regulators are subject to failure. As a result, the convertible hardtop cannot confidently be operated. I just had one of these regulators replaced and my only option was a used/salvage eBay part as M-B no longer stocks it. I'd like to make a modification to my regulators to strengthen them against future failure.

If you watch the video below starting at the time I've marked, you'll see this fellow has riveted the plastic cable guide to the metal regulator frame:

This is exactly the way my part failed. When the regulator was removed from my car, the plastic guide was missing and the cable was twisted and broken. I have purchased on the used market both a left and right regulator and window glass assembly and I'd like to make this modification to both. (Watch the video from the beginning if you're not familiar with how these regulators are removed.)

The job includes:
1. Testing, drilling, riveting and lubing the two used regulators. I already have the appropriate rivets and a rivet gun.
2. Removing the existing regulators from the car and replacing them with the riveted ones.
3. Drilling and riveting the two removed regulators so that they can be kept as backups.

I appreciate that this work will take several hours and I am willing to pay someone who has the skills and necessary tools. My hands shake too much anymore when doing this kind of exacting work, so I need assistance. Also, the car is in a high-rise garage with no access to electricity so I'd need to come to your garage.

If you are located in the greater Washington, DC area and are interested in helping me with this, please reply! Thanks.
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