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I'm going to use the passenger seat of a 2001 E320 4matic in a Sim pit. (This is for Sim gaming.) I'm trying to wire the electronics on this seat to three-way switches. Where can I find a pinout diagram for the control harness of the seat? How should I power this seat?


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Hello :)

I will provide you the info you need, but I do not recommend using this model's seat for your application. The reason is, the seat component movements are controlled by messaging over the CAN busses, not by individual switch interfaces. The seat switch contacts are coded by the door control module and sent over the serial bus to the seat. These modules Door control module and electronic seat adjustment module are supervised by another module (enabled / disabled) so life gets complicated.

It is much easier if you secure a seat from a 1996 or 1997 model. These seats have direct interfacing with seat control switch contacts.


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