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looking for one OEM AMG Front Wheel Rim A1714011402

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Where would be the best place to get one - price and in good condition - I was told mine was bent
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eBay, just search your part number there, several for sale, about $200 give or take

depends how much your wheel is bent, but most good wheel shops can easily straighten bends.

the fact that you were told your wheel was bent implies that someone had to tell you, it can't be that bad.
I had my tires replaced last year when I was told I just don't know which version of rim it is regular or the darker color. Its hard to tell from web pix and buying parts on ebay seems risky.

How can you find out - does the vin help?
Sure, through up your vin, I'll go on EPC and get the part number details for you

But again, if it's just a minor bend just have a good wheel shop straighten and color match the bent wheel.

It's no big deal, they do it all the time. Unless it's structurally compromised I would get it straightened and repainted, they can match the color.

I just looked on EPC using a generic CLK500 w209, the vin would be more specific.

But the EPC extract, copy and pasted below shows the two color types for that wheel, which one is darker is just a guess, I would think Titanium would be darker than Sterling Silver-- your vin will be more accurate, but might be the same, (ES2 is the color code)


Color selection for part number A 171 401 14 02 - SPOKE WHEEL


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I'm going to have the all of my rims looked at and see if the bent one can be fix at the same time
That is th best choice, they will save the bent one most likely, and repaint it to match Good luck
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