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Looking for LWB lead to purchase

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Hi guys!

It looks like I sold my 300GD, so now I can start looking for my next truck. If anyone knows of a LWB that is 50 state legal, please email me the info. My budget is <$20K.

Take care,
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Dear Tom,

Sorry about the loss of your G.

Check for the new G. The quality of the Classifieds is great. The vehicles section seams to be Up-and-Down, but just check back on a daily basis, it is occasionally up. It list the State licensure and current Tags. Some are even good in California. This site also has parts and a Wanted List.

Further, I have been impressed with the "How to" section which outlines how to repair. There is also a section on Buying Tips and DOT Certification.

Let me know if you have any problems.

Take care and good luck.

Dave and Eve
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This is Europa's site. If you haven't checked out their better place to get a "certified" G...according to everything I have read in our Three Month G experience.

They have two LWB for sale currently in your price range.

Good luck, would like to know how your search goes.

Take care
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