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1987 300SDL
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Hey guys,

I'm pretty new to this forum; bought an 87 300sdl a few months ago and have been trying to fix it ever since. I was having trouble with the car starting; the starter/solenoid looked good so I figured it was the ignition switch, which was a little sticky at times and did not always make good contact. I didn't know how to really work on it or diagnose it, so my Dad and I got a traveling mechanic to come and take a look at it. Him and his crew kind of came in and ripped out the steering column and told us they'd come back the next day...never did. So after months I'm kinda lost and don't even know where to begin and was wondering if anyone in the area had any experience with this or might be able to offer some help?

I wouldn't mind paying someone for their time to come out and take a look at it; I honestly just don't know where to begin. Otherwise, if someone might be able to share an exploded diagram of the steering column setup, that would be great!

Thanks guys
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