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Hello everyone.

Previous Unimog owner here, as impressed as I have been with the Unimogs I have been equally impressed with the G wagons. But I really don't have a clue or know all the differences with the G to really even be able to look at one and say yes that is the one.

I don't want a jeep, everyone has one.
I like to be different.
Must be able to haul 2 people + maybe 2 dogs or 2 additional passengers,
Soft-top is an option.
What are the downsides?
Small enough to fit on trails where jeeps go.
I want to wheel it .... so no pavement ponders
Diesel is cool.
Inexpensive enough that I wont break the bank fixing it. Damage and parts wise.
Capable of cruising down the highway at speed in comfort.

Can a G do all of this?
Advise on what I should look for?
Place to learn about and the differences in body and options style.

Or should I go buy a jeep?


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If you want highway comfort then the 463's 1990+ are what you are looking for.

Any stock 463 will likely serve your needs.

Diesel 463's are essentially impossible to find in the US. There are lots of gas Gs. Peruse eBay for a sampling.

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Here are some websites that will provide useful info. The Clubwagen and pointedthree forums tend to more technically oriented than this one, so you may get more responses to your questions by posting on those.

The first gen G's (460s), which were made from late '70s through late '80s or early '90s may be more of interest if you're a Unimog guy. IMHO, they're very utilitarian in form and function and can be found for much cheaper than the later ones. They were available here in the U.S. in 2 or 4-door config, softtop or hardtop, gas or diesel, auto or manual transmission.

May take a while to find what you're looking for since there aren't a lot to choose from here. I've been looking on and off for a few years, so good luck with search.



g4rce or all about the Mercedes G.
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