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Looking for characteristic curve for MAF 0280217114

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Trying to find the characteristic curve for the 0280217114 MAF used in the SLK230.
This is the Volts output for a specific kg/hr throughput.

I've got the bosch HFM2 and HFM5 spec sheets (attached) but cant get it nailed with the same PN#
It looks like a HFM5, but I cant match the dimensions exactly.
I can find a HFM2 as a 0280217120 and the dimensions all check out, but its not a 0280217114.

Anyone who's been down this road before - advice/help appreciated.


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You could try the Pierburg website for further info. The Pierburg MAF insert I used is a 7.22684.09.0 which is argueably a better unit that the Bosch as it doesn't tend to get the oil mist problems due to a different design
Direct replacement. And you only have to get the insert.
No problem since fitting it in April

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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