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I am pulling my hair out
every one has told me the BT Puck with tail is plug and play on my
2004 E320 4matic wagon - not so fast
the blue tooth puck when plugged in does not light the blue light on it
so I look thru the vast info on the web a decided to dig in
when I removed the com cover in the cargo area I saw two open areas
DSCF4593.JPG (image)
Clueless to what goes in this space, but as you can see I am reading the directions
DSCF4594.JPG (image)
while we are at it what goes above the GPS Drive
DSCF4596.JPG (image)
or below it
DSCF4597.JPG (image)
relay "D" and fuses 17-18-19-20 are missing
DSCF4595.JPG (image)
BTW I added the GPS and SAT Radio my self - can't say enough good things about the MBDoctor
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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