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2006 E320 CDI, 2009 ML320 Bluetec, 2009 GL320 Bluetec
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I have owned nothing but German Oil burners and I will NEVER again own a gasoline engine. My 2006 CDI on it's latest outing returned a respectable 35mpg with the cruise control set at 75mph AND the climate control set at 72 (A/C on).

The car has some serious grunt with the 380 ft-lbs of torque. Launching from a stop really does require starting in 2nd gear using the comfort mode. If the car kicks down it slams you in the pants and wakes you up.

The simplicity of the motor and the much reduced maintenance verses older diesel motors is a tribute to how far these cars have come.

I have 0 buyers remorse and the car is really worth the purchase price. Great looks, lots of options and the longevity to boot.

Huge thumbs up!
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