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Im considering getting into a MBZ, but can only afford to do so at the used level. Im considering between 2 and I thought Id ask for some advice and recommendations from all of you who are more experienced with these cars.

The first is a 1990 300E 4matic. It's in great shape and was made before the Chrysler buyout. It has @ 130,000 on it. I've been told that the head gasket and transmission can be big problems with these.
What do you think?

The other is a 1992 Sportline 190E 2.6 w/ @155,000 on it. Haven't heard much good or bad about this one, but that's why Im asking.

If you have any other suggested models- Id love to hear about them. Ive also heard that the deisel engines are more reliable- is this true.
Any help will be appreciated!


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The 1990 300E (W124) is not the 24 valve model (it has 12 valves) and alot of purists find this engine to be more torquey down low. I have this egine in my 1990 300E and I love it except for the blown head gasket (common on this model) which needs to be sorted out some time soon.

The 1992 190E (W201) 2.6 is a wonderful car and has a near equal power to weight ratio to the 300E due to its smaller size/lighter body & slightly less powerful engine.

If I had to decide between the two I would probably go for the 300E since it is a larger car and has the better engine (though the 2.6L engine is essentially the same as the 300E's as far as I know).

As far as diesels are concerned, the 300 Diesel is bulletproof but I'd recommend the turbo diesel since it is the more flexible of the diesels.

Hope this helps you make a choice, good luck.
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