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Looking for a way to run a power wire from....

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...the battery under the hood to the trunk. Has anyone done this before? I'm bringing power to an amp/sub combo. <br>
Specifically, I need to bring a 12 gauge wire from under the hood to the interior cab, has anyone done this? Where did you run the wire? Did you drill (I really dont want to do this)?<br>
Any information would be greatly appreciated. <br>
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Look in the footwell there shuold be a rubber grommet somehwere
There's a rubber passage available on the<br> bottom of fuse box under hood (remove fuse panel<br> first). There's plenty of space for extra wiring<br> available. On friend's C240 it was plugged with<br> piece of elastic foam instead, but we have used<br> it to route wires without problems. Just <br> remember to seal it well after placing wires<br> there.<br> On the interior side, wires will end into<br> wiring loom on the left of cabin, it is continuous<br> up to the trunk.<br> <br> <p>
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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