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Hey everyone,
Currently my daily driver is a 2007 VW GLI that just hit 136K and has started becoming a true money pit. I have a Sunday driver W123 300TD and my mom has a face-lifted E350 4matic with 105K. I love her car and have maintained it for her for the last 5 years/60K miles. It has been nothing but good for us other than standard maintenance( I do all the work myself).

I'm looking for a vehicle that can tow around 1-2,000 pounds(dirt bikes, car parts), dependable, safe, comfortable, and can haul larger items, with fairly decent MPG (approx.25).

I am looking to replace my VW with a Mercedes as I truly think they are cheaper to maintain than a VW(as I do my own work, and have had 20 Volkswagens). I love the W211 chassis, wagons, and diesels.

Thats where my issue starts. I want to keep it around 10K. From what I have found, there was not diesel wagon in North America, older wagons/sedans(diesels and gas) have SBC which are out of warranty now, and the 500 and 550 have AirMatic(which is cool but unreliable).

What are your guys thoughts? I have looked around at some W211s and found some in my price range but have also gained some interest with the W164.
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