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Looking for a good guide on installing Euro-Headlights

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I just got my TYC brand euro-lights from eBay. My car is a w201 1992. It seems the plugs in the car have four prongs, while the headlights have 5 on the back of them.

Will the four-prong plugs in my car still fit, or do I need to get new plugs. If I do need new ones, what are the part numbers of the plugs I need to get? By the way, here's a link to what I bought. It claims to have plugs with them, I received these little black things with holes. Are those the correct ones I need?

Please link an installation guide too.
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The search feature will show you.

You'll need six conductor plugs to replace the four conductor ones if you plan on using the "city lights." If not, the existing plug can be used, but you do have to rearrange the pins inside the plug to get the lights to work properly.
No appologies needed. I confused it with another installation, where the the 4 pin connector was used, but the ground wire (brown) was wired separately.
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