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I really need your assistance. :bowdown:
I am about to buy a used E55, 04-08, I am going to get the lowest mileage
possible, but it looks like it will be in the 50-80k range. I'm sick of American
junk, I keep going back in the hopes the USA will make a good performance
sedan. Not to my surprise, they cant pull it off and I'm tired of waiting for
them. The E55 sounds like the machine for me, but I'm needing help in my
quest for perfection. I have always fallen in love with cars as I drove them, I
have never driven an E55, but I can tell you I am already inlove with this
machine already.

I understand the repairs I could be looking at will be:

IC pump
airmatic leaks/failures
CPS failure
fuel senders
lower control arm bushings


Can I take the car to a MB dealer for a Pre-Buy inspection and it be reliable? (The Report)

Is there anything in particular I should be looking at that would be a warning?

Things I need to ask the owner/dealer who has the car.

Projected tire replacement costs 1st year(Due to HFS) Heavy Foot Syndrome

You can tell me would be greatly appreciated

Thanks guys, I cant wait, I'm about to piss myself I'm so excited.

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Good evening Aclement,

You've picked a great car to work towards. One of the first items is to narrow your search. E55 or E63? '03 to '06 are E55 (SC). '07 onwards, E63 (NA).

The PPI is of utmost importance. As the purchase question has been posed numerous times, a search of this forum should reward you with answers to any question you may have. Look for one that has the most complete available history. The addition of an extended warranty is somewhat subjective. You'll find pro's and con's on that subject.

Good luck and keep us posted on your decision.:thumbsup:

Cheers !!

Mike K.

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Check over on the MBWorld discussion board on the W211 AMG page. There's a thread for a 2004 black with 19K miles in Mississippi for sale that looks cherry. Posted by lawguy.

If I didn't have an 08 E63, I'd chase that one hard myself.

Good luck

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Good post. I love the E63, but adore the E55 and have one with 98,000 miles on it that I have tracked extensively and my two suggestions are that if you are going to buy the older version of the AMG supercar, get an extended warranty and bank the money!

The E63 has a better suspension, the E55 is faster and will provide a good deal if you buy one at a good price. Let's face it, the E55's are devalued, you will pay a premium for an E63. Both are wonderful cars and my particular situation favored an E55. I would love the E63 suspension on a track, but really enjoy a supercharger on the street.

We have some great people on this forum, most are more knowledgeable than me, we will let an E63 cognoscenti comment on that killer car, for me, there is nothing better than an E55 whipping the shit out of 360 Ferrari's, Corvette's, you name it. It is an amazing car and you will be richer for the experience.

I have 60 plus track days and events in mine, and it had never let me down.

Enjoy it, these cars are gems.
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