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Looking at purchasing a 95 SL600 any bad info?

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I am currently looking at a 1995 SL600 black on black with 79K miles it is offerd at 18,995 and is in what seems to be great condition. She has both tops and finish on the paint is glossy as well as no wear on the seats what so ever. Any info anyone has would be great...
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So I ran a car fax on it and oct thru nov it was in the shop for electrical and injector repairs 4 times!!! I guess I will keep looking thanks for the info...
The only reason they were on the car fax is the person who bought the car in January of 2004 mind you. Bought an aftermarket waranty wich does report to car fax. I had no idea it would show that as well. Cheers...Maybe I will run her to MB and use the information to my advantage as I have bought all 6 of my last cars from this dealer and then just have MB put in a new harness and deduct that from purchase price...
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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