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I wouldn't recommend buying unknown brand wheels off of ebay unless you know your stuff. And if you know your stuff, you wouldn't have posted this thread. Ergo... ;)

Seriously. There are all sorts of quality problems with bleh-ebay-wheels and I don't mean just with the finish. And if you have a problem you have to ship it back...gigantic suckage factor.

Over here you can have cosmetic damage repaired for US$75-$150 depending on the market, which of course includes remounting and balancing. That would be cheaper than new quality rims. You're in a major metro area, there has to be some good places for repair. If you don't have the polished lip you can actually repair them yourself, though it's time consuming and you have to buy the proper paint and sealer.

Good luck.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts