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My roots are with Subaru, my first car was a Subaru and my current one is. But I had a 79 450SEL not so long ago and I'm missing its luxury, comfort, power, look etc. I want a newer car (currently driving a 83 Subaru Leone haha). I was thinking about a Subaru Impreza, but they are too small for what I want, so I thought Liberty (in the US these are known as Legacy's). But then seeing these 90's model Merc's everywhere makes me want one.
I was first looking at the 2.3L 190E, then found the C240/280's. The C240 seems to be pretty compatible to the Subaru Liberty 2.5L. Same weight, power, fuel economy. But a lot more dollars. So I was wondering (knowing Subaru's reliability) whats the late model C2X0 reliability like? And what are part prices like? I do all my own work on cars, so just part prices.

If you have a C2x0, please let me know what you think about it. How comfortable, roomy, powerful, etc are they?

Also, is there any other models I should look at? I want something mid range size, good economy, and decently powerful.

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