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Looking at buying 1960 190D Ponton, what should I know?

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I have not been on here in a long time, I am no stranger to Mercedes cars. I finally finished restoring my 1983 280SL 5 speed and enjoying it for a change. I just sold "my mistake" I made 6 years ago which was an Alfa Romeo Spider and relieved of that. With that car gone from my life, I am looking to eventually fill its gap with another Mercedes. I have already owned a W126 sedan, a W123 240D sedan and now I have 2014 C250 as an everyday driver. Recently I have come across a very solid 1960 190D sedan with a manual transmission that runs and drives. No rust, a good driver type presentable car. Brakes have recently been redone for one. I didn't get to drive the car where it was at as I was hurrying due to the hurricane threat in my area! I am okay and my cars are as well, and the 190D did not get flooded at the showroom where it is at. I really like this car, but I want to know more and what I am up against owning one of these.

The oldest Mercedes my family ever owned was a 1975 240D manual, I understand the slowness of old Mercedes diesels and that this one WILL be slow. I do understand this car will not be the same kind of car as my 280SL. No power steering, power brakes, air conditioning (which is almost a necessity in TX) and of course the quickness. I do have a few questions and I am asking for guidance as well.

How available are parts and where? I understand these engines are bulletproof and reliable? I read one source these are 4 speed manuals on the column, the advertisement says 3 speed manual? How durable are these cars overall and can they be driven on short trips to car shows? 300 mile trip in one day would be the most. Being a 1960 model, how different is it from other old cars such as American? Are they fairly straight forward to work on and service? The seats are covered in plastic and look nice. Steering wheel needs refinishing. Car belongs to an older gentleman and has a US dept of defense sticker on the windshield. I can probably buy this car between the 10-11K mark. Little things need to be done, bumper is off center a bit and hubcaps need refinishing. When things calm down I will probably go test drive it.

Sorry for all of the questions, but this is a bit of unchartered territory for me. Part of me says pass the car up, the other says get me information and do it if it feels right! Thanks and look forward to comments,

Paul Bruce - 1983 280Sl 5 speed, 2014 C250 Luxury, 1999 E300 TD 49,000 miles.
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Ponton owners are kind of a special breed :) Not sure if there are many here?

They have a good site here: Mercedes-Benz Pontons (1953-1962) ©
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