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1991 300 SE
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The 123 diesel wagon, 300 indicates a 3.0 L five cylinder engine, T for touring – European for wagon (not ‘turbo’) – and D of course for diesel, made from 1980 to 1985 produced 125 bhp with the turbo.

The behavior you describe can be a needed transmission vacuum adjustment. Because there is no vacuum in the diesel’s intake manifold – unlike a gas car – a vacuum device is used to create the needed vacuum to shift the gears. The system is integrated into the car’s vacuum system and the engine’s throttle control. If the system is leaking or otherwise out of adjustment, hard shifting and flaring can occur.

The price is not as important as what a knowledgeable MB mechanic says about the car, it needs a through inspection concentrating on the undercarriage and suspension. Service records would also be nice but at least the mechanic can tell if there was abuse or neglected.

The engine’s supposed to run smooth – the rough operation may be due to a needed valve adjustment (they are not hydraulic) or dirty fuel (2) filters. Watch out for rust.

Also post in the 123 forum for more input.

Welcome and good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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