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I went for a long trip to the southern<br>
Italy - from Poland it is more than 2200Km<br>
(1350Kmi). By the way i've visited Venice, Roma<br>
and other beautiful places. My route was thru<br>
Czech&Slovakia, then Austria and Italy. Do not<br>
have to add that i've choosen to travel with my<br>
W203 :) Before vacation i've decided to take my<br>
car for first 'assyst a' service early, because<br>
system was showing under 1500km to the next service.<br>
They changed engine oil&filter, air filters,<br>
pollen filter and lubricated sunroof. They also<br>
took care about squeaking front end - replaced<br>
two rubber mounts of stabilizer bar. I've complained also on creeking front windows, but<br>
they said it was due to 'wet grommet' and all they<br>
did was to add some vaseline to guide rails.<br>
Unfortunately, cracking sound came back later on<br>
the road. I know that there is a recall for<br>
windows (they have to replace some plastic clip<br>
with a modified one) but they behaved like they<br>
were totally unaware of this one.<br>
Car was washed then and i've picked it up three<br>
hours later.<br>
Later, on the road, away from home, on the<br>
gas station in Austria, i've decided to check<br>
oil level and discovered that engine is lacking<br>
at least 1.0L of oil!!! At first i was frightened,<br>
then opened the hood and whoa! entire engine<br>
compartament messed with oil that was apparently<br>
coming from LOOSE OIL CAP!<br>
Fortunately, 1L was not enough to make any damage<br>
to the engine and i've managed to clean all the<br>
mess with a paper rags. I've immediately phoned<br>
the service and notified them about this situation that could obviously lead to vast engine<br>
damage. As my engine was filled with Mobil1 0W40<br>
and all the gas stations in Austria are selling<br>
only Agip (!!!) motor oils, i had to mix closest<br>
match of oil grade.<br>
I've heard that all newer engine oils with similar grade mix well, altough it does not apply<br>
to the addittive packages present in each oil.<br>
On my way back engine behaved well and not consumed even a bit of oil, however i'm going<br>
to push them to do an 'extra' oil change for me.<br>
Bastards. What do you think?<br>

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Re: long trip & first

I had a similar problem with another car brand a few years ago. The boneheads forgot to put the oil filler cap back on, after a major service, and I didn't discover it until miles and miles down the road, like you.<br> <br> When I told the service writer about it, he was so embarassed that they gave me a $90 'detailing' (super cleaning, including engine) for free. I brought the car in the next day, and they had it done in about 2 hours.<br> <br> Overall, annoying more than anything. Must've been one tired service tech who worked on that car. ;-)<br> <br> +AB+
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