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2007 Mercedes CLK350 Coupe
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After hours of exhaustive searching on this forum, I can't find my exact problem and have some additional questions, so any feedback would be appreciated as I'm about ready to get rid of this car!!

First, I have a 2007 CLK350 Coupe

Like many others, locking/unlocking (L/UL) started to fail gradually from the rear window. Only able to L/UL from door IR. Now door has failed. Only works about 25% of time. The rest, have to go throug manual L/UL rigamorole with valet key.

History as above before window tinting, but did happen to get windows tinted over a month ago and seems to be worse - I know all the potential problems there now.

Also, replaced batteries when first had prob and then purchased new key fob from dealer - no improvement.

Took to MB dealer this a.m. and they are telling me they THINK Rear Headliner Amp is bad. They want me to replace at $1600 as that's "where they need to start".

I can't wrap my head around why the door IR would be failing as well. I asked the service rep about this and his blowoff answer was something like that the RHA controls it all. This makes no sense to me, but mainly why I am here is to hear from other who may know if this is BS or not.

I refuse to spend $1600 on this car and them not even be sure that will help - especially with door IR failing as well.

I am at a point now where I am considering getting rid of the car because of this.

Thanks for your input!

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This is a very common problem on the W203. The antenna am is attached to the rear glass and due to climate conditions, it either comes detached from the glass or fails completely and causes the RCL to work only within a few feet of the car. It is an expensive repair, so most people just live with it. As for the IR sensor, those usually fail after a few years, again, due to climate issues. Some people have had luck spraying contact cleaner onto the glass where the amp attaches. Others have removed the headliner and tried to repair or replace the amp, but the real solution is to replace the entire rear glass with a new factory-attached amp.

Oh, and don't forget to check fuse #8 on the rear SAM.
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