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2007 Mercedes CLK350 Coupe
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After hours of exhaustive searching on this forum, I can't find my exact problem and have some additional questions, so any feedback would be appreciated as I'm about ready to get rid of this car!!

First, I have a 2007 CLK350 Coupe

Like many others, locking/unlocking (L/UL) started to fail gradually from the rear window. Only able to L/UL from door IR. Now door has failed. Only works about 25% of time. The rest, have to go throug manual L/UL rigamorole with valet key.

History as above before window tinting, but did happen to get windows tinted over a month ago and seems to be worse - I know all the potential problems there now.

Also, replaced batteries when first had prob and then purchased new key fob from dealer - no improvement.

Took to MB dealer this a.m. and they are telling me they THINK Rear Headliner Amp is bad. They want me to replace at $1600 as that's "where they need to start".

I can't wrap my head around why the door IR would be failing as well. I asked the service rep about this and his blowoff answer was something like that the RHA controls it all. This makes no sense to me, but mainly why I am here is to hear from other who may know if this is BS or not.

I refuse to spend $1600 on this car and them not even be sure that will help - especially with door IR failing as well.

I am at a point now where I am considering getting rid of the car because of this.

Thanks for your input!
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