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1996 E200 W210
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Just a quick question,
Has anyone had any problem before with the central locking in their e200? I have a 1996 E200 and the locking system does not work, when I press the button on the dash board to lock and unlock, it does nothing. When I press the button for the immobiliser, it also doesnt lock or unlock, I cant lock the car at all and I have to keep it unlocked always. Not the safest thing ever.
Does anyone know what it could be?
I heard maybe the lock vacuum pump under the backseat could be faulty??
Any suggestions?
Cheers :) :thumbsup:

1999 E300 TD
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The locking system is an electropnumatic based. You either have an electrical or pneumatic issue.

The system has an interior switch----signal acquisition and actuation module(under hood)---the PSE module(under back seat)---the door and trunk actuators(at locks).

Which one is faulty??

There is a rock kicker on the WC that believes that these type of problems can be quickly diagnosed and repaired without the aid of MB diagnostic or equivalent body codes.

I would also like to learn how??
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