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Location of oil dipstick in a C230?

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Hi all, first post here. I know it sounds like a foolish question, but when I visited my girlfriend out of state I did some basic maintenance to her '99 C230 Komp but couldn't find the oil dipstick. What I DID see was a little tube sticking up near the firewall and valve cover (passenger side). Is this where the missing oil dipstick goes? I'm I'm pretty sure that the '99 C230 still had a manual dipstick. I'm back home so I can't go there with a manual and check her car again.

Also, what would be the best place online to buy OEM Benz parts and have them shipped quickly to you door?

Thanks in advance!
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The one way back there that you describe sounds like it is for the transmission fluid. The one for the engine oil is right at the front left corner of the engine if you are standing in front of the car and looking at the front of the engine.
Yes, that is for the transmission.

It should have a black cap and a red locking tab. My guess is that someone pulled it off at one point and then did not put it back on because they didn't have a new locking tab or they put the cap on without a tab and it blew off. The main things I would worry about are contamination and fluid level. I have read about fluid barfing out when another owner didn't put his cap on tight but you would have seen fluid all over the underside of your hood if you had that problem. These trannies are delicate beasts and you really need to treat them well. They are sensitive to fluid type and fluid fill level.
If you want to see the location of the engine oil dipstick, take a look at the 15th reply in the following thread where I show a picture. It is the first reply with a picture in it.


In the first picture, look at the very front left of the gray engine cover and you will see a round red grab handle peeking out. That is the top of the oil dipstick.

BTW, you might want to read that thread about jumping the car when the battery is dead. Everybody needs to know how to do that because someday your girlfriend's battery will die and leave her stranded and you will get the call.
When I called around, I think the lowest price was around $375 and then went up from there. If I remember right, the lowest at a good indie shop was around $280. Between covering their ass and wanting to make some money, I bet they tell you that you need the change.

You should be able to get a cap and a few red tabs (always good to have a spare around) for less than $15 factoring in the stealership factor. Hopefully it will be more like half of that. Too bad you can't order them online along with a dipstick (these are like $75 at some stealerships) and do the check yourself. It will suck if the dealership has to charge you the minimum hourly rate to do this for you.

Search for Atlanta in this forum. I put up a list of independent shops although they are more in-town than Alpharetta. I think I put Benzworks in that list though and the are right up that way (probably not open on Saturdays though).
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>>they quoted me at 140 to do the job...<<

Yeah, but lucky you gets to use the common cheap fluid! For her/his car, they are going to need the expensive fluid. A reasonably priced place like autohaus is $15 per liter with free shipping and you should be prepared with 8 bottles. That is $120 plus the filter and gasket kit at $25ish. You are already up to $145 just for parts, not including a new lock clip, required dipstick, infrared thermometer, ramps, etc. The first time you do it yourself on a 722.605, you don't save a whole lot of money but you do have a few items useful for the next time plus other projects (thermometer, dipstick, ramps).
>>at least you get the 5 speed<<

You can laugh at us when your bullet proof 4 speed lasts forever without problems though!
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