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Location of oil dipstick in a C230?

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Hi all, first post here. I know it sounds like a foolish question, but when I visited my girlfriend out of state I did some basic maintenance to her '99 C230 Komp but couldn't find the oil dipstick. What I DID see was a little tube sticking up near the firewall and valve cover (passenger side). Is this where the missing oil dipstick goes? I'm I'm pretty sure that the '99 C230 still had a manual dipstick. I'm back home so I can't go there with a manual and check her car again.

Also, what would be the best place online to buy OEM Benz parts and have them shipped quickly to you door?

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the help guys. I really want to make sure her car is OK but it's hard to do it from another state!

Below is a picture she sent me of the dipstick I was talking about (circled in yellow)

A little more research tells me that there should be a cap with an orange pin on it. Is that right? Can anything harmful happen from driving around without the cap, like loss of fluid?

Thanks again.
Aww, she just wanted you to do it for her. She's probably checking dip sticks and getting her pipes checked on a daily basis when your not around...haha! Just joking, and giving the daily reality check.
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