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Location of oil dipstick in a C230?

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Hi all, first post here. I know it sounds like a foolish question, but when I visited my girlfriend out of state I did some basic maintenance to her '99 C230 Komp but couldn't find the oil dipstick. What I DID see was a little tube sticking up near the firewall and valve cover (passenger side). Is this where the missing oil dipstick goes? I'm I'm pretty sure that the '99 C230 still had a manual dipstick. I'm back home so I can't go there with a manual and check her car again.

Also, what would be the best place online to buy OEM Benz parts and have them shipped quickly to you door?

Thanks in advance!
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good point :) but at least you get the 5 speed :( i have to ride down the highway at 3500-4000 rpm and the engine roaring haha.
The 4-speeds are awesome! if serviced properly, they last forever! Also, Benz engines are made to ride the highway like that, and plus, don't you like the added torque?
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