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Location of oil dipstick in a C230?

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Hi all, first post here. I know it sounds like a foolish question, but when I visited my girlfriend out of state I did some basic maintenance to her '99 C230 Komp but couldn't find the oil dipstick. What I DID see was a little tube sticking up near the firewall and valve cover (passenger side). Is this where the missing oil dipstick goes? I'm I'm pretty sure that the '99 C230 still had a manual dipstick. I'm back home so I can't go there with a manual and check her car again.

Also, what would be the best place online to buy OEM Benz parts and have them shipped quickly to you door?

Thanks in advance!
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yes, tranny fluid dipstick is back against the firewal on the passenger center of the engine bay. it should look like it has a cap on the tube.
first of all, as stated above, i would be worried about the contamination of the transmission fluid. if you have the money and a decent independent mechanic, or are able to do it yourself, be on the safe side and get the transmission fluid replaced. also, replace the transmission dipstick, or cap, whatever goes on your model (mine is older and has a dipstick).

as for the engine oil dipstick, you cant see the post on w202 since you arent a member (im not either :() so ill post up a pic and circle it in red.


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i wouldnt even show up to the appointment haha :p

when i lived in charleston sc, i called the dealership to get a quote on the transmission fluid replacement and they quoted me at 400 something dollars. i called an independent shop there called like german auto repair or something and they quoted me at 140 to do the job... i guess you can tell who i went with.

however, in all honesty after going through several mechanics, i am not pleased with any of their work. not even dealerships. if you know how to and have the facilities to do the work yourself, i recommend that as an option.

now im located in south east georgia and the price is about the same for the service.
>>they quoted me at 140 to do the job...<<

Yeah, but lucky you gets to use the common cheap fluid! For her/his car, they are going to need the expensive fluid. A reasonably priced place like autohaus is $15 per liter with free shipping and you should be prepared with 8 bottles. That is $120 plus the filter and gasket kit at $25ish. You are already up to $145 just for parts, not including a new lock clip, required dipstick, infrared thermometer, ramps, etc. The first time you do it yourself on a 722.605, you don't save a whole lot of money but you do have a few items useful for the next time plus other projects (thermometer, dipstick, ramps).
good point :) but at least you get the 5 speed :( i have to ride down the highway at 3500-4000 rpm and the engine roaring haha.
the torque is very nice. i was actually talking about that at work yesterday. sometimes when i go to pass i find myself doing 85+ mph and i didnt even try lol.
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