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simple as simple - can somebody give me the location of these three things on the 97 e420 -

1 - the fuel pump (is it in the tank or not?)
2 - a/the fuel pump fuse
3 - the fuel pump relay

same situation - good battery, car spins and spins but does not start, if I add gas directly, car fires and runs, so I know it's a fueling issue, but simply cannot find the fuel pump fuse or the fabled fuel pump relay -
I love the username! :D Please take a minute and click the user cp link so you can update your BW profile with your vehicle and location information as that is often useful information.

I can't help you as to 3, but the fuse is one of the ones under the back seat if I'm not mistaken, you should have a chart of fuses under there next to the fuse panel. The fuel pump itself is right next to the fuel filter, both are behind an access panel you can find just ahead of the rear axle on the driver's side of the car. There is a great DIY in the stickies for the filter, the pump is literally right next to it (and NOT in the tank).

Take care and enjoy the ride,
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