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Following another discussion where a BW members M113 V8 S Class has seized 35 miles after having work on the Valve Train, I of course do not believe in "coincidence" and I am convinced it is as a result of that repair ...............

Here's an absolute belter from last week, and why I simply do not believe the rubbish that most "so called" Garages / Mechanics spout, ignorance and verbal excrement, that's all it is :(

The "Electric Guy" that reads our Meter was telling me his wife's Car, a Skoda Octavia Estate 2010, 1.6 TDI had failed to start, and had been to 3 local Garages, 2 of whom I wouldn't trust to fix a kiddies pedal car, and the third is a local Garage who have a better reputation, but still I've seen and heard some horrors that have come from their direction :(

The Car initially broke down in April, so yeah, it's been broken down and off the road for 6 months.

The last Garage had told him the ECU was dead, over £1000 just for the part, then it needs programming at the Dealers ...................

Car has already had a new Battery, new Ignition Switch assembly, new Starter Motor, new Air Flow Meter and new Tank Sender Unit with Fuel Pump, and a heap of bills from 3 garages totalling almost £1200.

ECU has been sent to 2 ECU "Experts" :rolleyes: ................ the first said they couldn't read it or do anything with it, the second said it was FUBAR.

The last garage had also told him their Snap On Diagnostic has said "ECU Failure" ...............

I have Snap On, as well as Dealer Level VAG Com, and I've never in all my years heard of any Diagnostic Machine saying "ECU Failure" so being curious, (and knowing that there is no such thing as a Car that can't be fixed), I told him get it towed to mine, and I'll take a look, won't charge him if I can't fix it !!

Got the Car here last Thursday, half the Dash and Steering Column apart, broken clips, screws all over the floor, wipers in the boot along with scuttle trim !!
Scratches all round the Bumpers Front and Rear where some inept has used a lever bar to fit the towing eye and just scraped the end of that round and round on the bumpers :eek:

So I plug in the ECU, re connect Battery, give it a full charge, try and start it................
It's Cranking without pressing clutch pedal, despite the "Depress Clutch to Start" Message on the Dash, starter is sometimes jumping in and out of engagement, doesn't fire up !!

So, I run a diagnostic on Snap On first, nothing about "ECU Failure", loads of "CAN Communication" errors, some Low Voltage codes, and a couple of Circuit 30 Open Circuit codes !!

OK I clear them all, try and start it, almost all of the Codes come back, except for the ones which were obviously some fool pulling off wiring plugs to see if "that makes any difference" :rolleyes:

Lets see what VAG Com says .................. VAG Com will not even communicate with the Car :(

So, lets take a look in the Engine Bay Fuse and Relay Box ...................

First thing I notice as I pull it out for testing is that the Main Ckt 30 Relay is very hot ...................

Into the Electrical Spares Drawer, swap that Relay for an identical spec good used Mercedes one, get in Car, now it won't Crank until I press the Clutch Pedal, so that issue is at least fixed 😁 ...............
Of course it now Cranks over properly and then after about 10 seconds BAM away she goes !!

Under 1 hour and it is running.

Now I have a few electrical items that don't work, so I check the Fuse Allocations in all Fuse Boxes and find the idiot inepts have obviously pulled Fuses to check 'em and put the wrong Amp Fuses in the wrong slots, plus there are blank slots with a Fuse in that should be in the slot next to it !!

Yeah, that is common too when I get a non starter in here and others have fiddled !!

A further 2 hours putting his Car back together, and a few long road tests, yep Car is now fine, everything is working as it should .....................

VAG Com and Snap On now only reporting 1 fault code which is low A/C Gas !!

So this man gets a small Invoice from me, but sadly has been mis sold various repairs and had expensive parts fitted to a Car that didn't need them !!

There really should be a law about who can and can't operate as a Garage Business :mad:

Soooo many yee ha Garages that just give the few decent amongst us a bad name :mad: ......................

Still that's another new Customer who won't be going anywhere else now :)

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Very few real mechanics exist.

You are one of them!

I’m tempted to ship my S600 to Scotland, to leave it in your care. My wife and I will fly over periodically and enjoy it. We do love your country. Been there many times. Got married in Rosslyn Chapel, just south of Edinburgh.

If I spend as much time working, that has been spent doing maintenance on the S600, I might just end up ahead of the game...

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