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Live in Los Angeles? I'll lower your W123 in a day for FREE.

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I need a stock set of springs and wheels for my 240D. Long story short, I bought a badly lowered 240D with a good drivetrain and ok body for cheap. I like my W123s low and never had much of a problem dealing with LA's bad streets and highways, mostly because my car is relatively unladen.

I replaced the flat-out-wrong lowering job (too many coils cut from the wrong end of the spring) with some properly cut (using a cut off wheel, no torches) factory springs.

However, I'm looking at the prospect of driving to New Orleans and keeping the car there, and NOLA doesn't have much of a lowered car scene for a good reason - the streets are routinely as bad as the worst kept parts of LA.

I hate to say it, but I should have just returned it to stock. My loss could be your gain, though, if you've wanted to lower your W123 but don't want to invest $300 or so in tools alone to do so, not to mention 200 or more for a decent used set of tires in a compatible size.

I have a set of aluminum hubcap wheels that have been stripped and polished, shod with 195/60/R14s that have decent life left in them (especially if you go and get aligned right away), and 300D springs minus 3 coils up front, 240D springs minus 1.5 coils rear.

I'm willing to trade part for part, my shocks are really bad so you can keep yours, but spring for spring and wheel for wheel. It won't work otherwise (unless you're willing to pay a shop to swap the tires from set to set) because the stock 70/75 series tires WILL rub with these springs.

I'm willing to do all necessary labor, the only thing you have to do is say yes and get your car lowered for free.

If you own a 240D manual and love to drive, this is a great spring set. I ran a similar set in my old 240D and regularly took the longer way home through Bouquet Canyon with a smile on my face. Not that it's a rocketship but I likened it to a 4 door sedan that behaved like an old English sports car.

My problem is that it's going to be loaded with me, my dog, a full tank of fuel at times, and all of my crap. I've already had to repair my oil pan a few times as it is. (Water Weld is a must have, and a sump guard is even better.) I can make it, sure, but it's going to be a challenging drive and it's still going to be too low for NOLA.

If you have a 300D these springs will still work - the 240's rear springs aren't much softer than 300D springs, and I've ran minus 2 coils with 300D rears. I left a little more room for error this time.

Anyway, I would ask one thing in concession - that you have a driveway or other place this swap can be accomplished, as I do not. Also, it would have to be done very quickly - I'm leaving in a little less than a week, though I'd delay to get this completed. Not bad for a FREE lowering job.

I'm thinking we meet up ~9am and I can have the job done by dinnertime.

I can email or text you photos of the car as it is but I don't have the ability to load it on my photobucket account at this time.

My first 240D, similar setup but taller in the rear:

email crazyirishdan AT gmail DOT com.
310 745 6534
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