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Linkage bushing to transmission

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Hello all, I am looking for the linkage bushing for the transmission joint. My 6.9 won’t change gear, after looking through, noticed the linkage plays because the bushing is gone. Any tips would be appreciated
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Shifter bushings

The floor:

However if you dont want to spend $3500 find a used/junk car and cut out what you need.
Your other option is to make one. A good hotrod custom shop should be able to make one with all the support channels in it.

You can also make small patch panels and fix just the bad areas.

Check the firewall below the fuse box and in the inner wheel well in that area.

If your floor is rusted then it's likely that the inner rocker panels and jack point are bad also.

Please post pictures of your rust areas.
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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