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I just finished reading Mr. Lindens long winded tirade about the Black rolling coffin O' death, Piloted by Mr. Radcliff.

It was an entertaining read, not very believable; but entertaining. I have a couple questions to ask:

1.If the vehicle was in such an unsuitable state, and as you attest; there was a Law enforcement Officer in attendance, Why wouldnt Mr. Radcliff have been pulled over and cited immediately after pulling on to public roads? Here is your (linden) statement, verbatim (We in turn informed him that the vehicle was unroadworthy he rejected a FREE inspection of his rear braking system, the speedometer did not work, the turn signals did not work, portions of the lighting circuit were inoperative and the vehicles windshield wipers we all found to be inoperative (it rained on both days we worked on the vehicle as well as today and yesterday) making the vehicle unfit to test on the public highway. Two independent mechanics from other workshops both inspected this vehicle as witnesses and concluded the same unsafe condition)

2. You state that Mr. Radcliff called the police. You also state the following regarding your assesement of Mr. Radcliff's financial wherewithall : (Mr. Radcliff's posture is typical of customers who have insufficient funds to satisfy the bill, we have seen many like him, the prevarication and theatricals and the unpaid bills left behind in their wake, and doesn't care about the safety of others on OUR Colorado highways.) I find it highly unlikely that someone who calls law enforcement, if it is their own intent to conduct fraud, larceny, or some other illegal act. That's just plain ridiculous to assume.

3. You state the the Police officer in attendance cautioned Mr. Radcliff about driving his vehicle. I quote: (The sheriff cautioned him about the unsafe condition of his vehicle but even to the sheriff he concluded he was above the law.)

then you also state: ( -the accident he almost caused in front of the policeman as he left the shop driving into oncoming traffic and causing a near pileup on an already crowded highway 85.) My question will be obvious to anyone having read the tale up to this point: How in the world could Mr. Radcliff get away with such acts conducted in the prescence of an Officer who has already given him a warning.

What I take from the rantings of Linden is the following:

You sound like a very angry man.
you like using generic and unsubstantial phrases like "a radiator shop", and "two independant mechanics from other workshops", very vague. Yet you directly attack Mr. Radcliff and his wife (I'm sure she hurt you in some way as well)...(A regular Bonnie and CLyde I suppose). I especially like the "Rolling black coffin of death, and then how you try to appeal to the reader with sputum like: (It is also noteworthy to say that we in Colorado have all seen the devastating effects caused when someone lacking good judgment and compassion for others they share the road with and kills innocent families all because they are to cheap to service their vehicles. The life we possibly saved could be yours or your families. )

priceless stuff.

You never do mention giving Mr. Radcliffe a written estimate for any of the work? You do however mention giving him a verbal one. I think your supposed to give a written estimate by law. Hmmmm.

I like the part where you infer that Mr. Radcliffe chose to show up once you were gone, but I dont really understand why. I guess your "setting the stage" for his future "underhanded shenanigans". Another hmmmmmmm........

This one is beyond my mechanical expertise, so I'll just ask, since it confuses me utterly. You state (we repaired the system so that the front brakes were at least operative without the need to pump the pedal. We felt at this stage the vehicle needed at least some braking to be safe and as it was the vehicle was NOT safe). I am unaware of any Unimogs that run separate front and rear brake circuits. Was Mr. Radcliffs Unimog a one-off custom setup? This would be the only explanation that would make your statement even close to factual. As far as I know, fixing the front brakes on any vehicle, and leaving even ONE cylinder in a malfunctioning state, would render the WHOLE system faulty. One more HMMMMMM.

I have to tell you your rebuttal to Mr. Radcliffs post reeks with untruth, anger, a deceit. Let's not even go into the impossibilities in regards to the liability that Law Enforcement officer would have had, if Mr. Radcliff had caused or otherwise been even INVOLVED in a traffic accident.

When someone offers up such a strong rebuttal, it is almost always because they have been caught red-handed, and dont like it.

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Some good points

I followed the link back and re-read the story. At first I had some sympathy for the business owner, being one myself. After a second look and your points I must side with Mr.Radcliffe.

How did Mr.R make the drive from SoCal to near Denver via a couple other places with such bad brakes? That has to be nearly 2000 miles. If he had leaky wheel cylinders, he would have run out of brake fluid long before he reach CO. It likely would have been all over the wheels and linings etc. etc. It just isn't real plausible. That combined with the story about a complete restoration, with some pretty reputable Unimog guys involved, leaves doubt in my mind about LinDen.

I don't buy the part of the story that involves the Sherrif. Mr.R's side sounds pretty straightforward, the LinDen version is awfully convoluted and leaves major questions in my mind. There is no way I buy the part about the rolling coffin. If the truck was actually unsafe and that condition was as easily verifiable as LinDen claims, there is NO WAY the Sherriff would have allowed it to leave. This is a 30+ year old truck. If it had bad brakes, no signals, no wipers etc. as claimed, again there is NO WAY a police officer would allow it to leave in any way other than "on the hook".

LinDen discredited themselves in that post. At least some of it is pure fabrication, it has to be. It casts a shadow (or black cloud) on the whole diatribe.

The Radcliffe story does not appear to have any negative vibe to it. The guy told his story. The point was to just be wary. We all need reminder of that sometimes. If someone had done un-authorized work on my vehicle, I would be rather irate as well, free of charge or not. IF there was as big a problem as suggested, allow the Police to decide. Sounds to me like the Police were present and saw no imminent danger. THAT alone makes LinDens comments suspect.

I could go on and on. SoCal already has, and I just added to it. I think it is pretty clear cut. Be careful who you allow to work on your vehicle. When a problem like this arises, do just as Mr.R did, call the cops and take your business elsewhere.[^]
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