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Have you ever had Limp Home Mode - LHM, on a Sprinter?

  • Yes, got it fixed

  • Yes, did not get fixed

  • No, never had LHM

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Sprinter 3-T 311 CDi 2.2l panel van 2003
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Hi, I have been in what I believe to be limp home mode occasionally since I bought my 2003 sprinter 311 3 years ago but it always reset after a short stop. Van has now been permanently in LHM for 2 weeks for no obvious reason. No dash lights show up, several Star codes show up including MAP sensor problem. Watched Florida Man video on TN1 which showed that a good MAP will move linkage on turbo but disconnected or bad MAP will not produce any movement there. Difficult to see direct comparison with my 311 W903 sprinter since nearest equivalent – the Boost Pressure Sensor is on far side of intercooler whereas MAP on TN1 video is close to air filter box. Nevertheless I tried disconnecting then re-connecting this sensor, the Turbo Boost Valve Pressure Converter (which has vacuum pipe direct to turbo) and the ENGINE AIR INTAKE SENSOR, which is very close to air intake filter box. None of these moved turbo linkage between impeller and fan whether connected or not while engine idle or revving. According to video this would show MAP sensor was faulty. But before ordering all 3 of above sensors I manually moved turbo linkage and this had no effect whatsoever on engine revs, again either while engine idle or revving. Does this mean turbo itself is faulty or can revs be kept capped by ECU even tho I was manually trying to kick in turbo? Would welcome any thoughts!
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