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I hope you guys can point me in the right direction here.

I have broken the LSD on my 560SEC. Now it happened shortly after I fitted some bigger wheels/sticky rubber, so I am assuming the extra grip just put too much force on it.

But I have weird symptoms...

The LSD now sometimes works first thing in the morning as I pull out of my road (you can guess how I know this [:D] )

But thats it - after that, just one wheel will spin up if I get too heavy footed.

But, if I do a slow full-lock turn, I get an awfull clunking noise at the back that is so harsh, it feels like I have driven off with the wheel nuts undone.

It will also give nasty clunking noises when reversing, whether straight or round corners...

And yet, it seems fine at mumble-mph on the motorway.

Now before I go taking it to bits, has anyone experienced this? Also what is this Gleason diff that some of you guys were talking about earlier - is this what I have, or is that just an AMG thing? And was it only the 560 that had an LSD? - so i know what to look for incase I have to go to a scrapyard for another one.

~Cheers in advance for you input.

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The gleason differential is a very limited production AMG piece. your symptoms actually sound a bit like a blown gleason, but it is more likely crushed friction disks in the diff. Have you checked the differential oil?
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