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Like a kid on Chrismas Eve...

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I will find out today after 2 if I am getting a 2002 SL500 Silver Arrow...

Wish me luck. (It is at a MB lease return auction.)

I will be selling my green M3. I guess I need to change my screen name.

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Enjoy this amazing car. [;)]
I got it!

Paid a bit more than a wanted to, but still a great deal. It is a 2002 with 29k miles and a year left on the factory warranty. Perfect except for some $180 part that I am told routinely gets left behind in parking lots after hitting a curb.

I will have the car tomorrow or Saturday and will post pics.

Anyone want a 360 HP Dinan supercharged 1998 M3 with 41k miles? The car is perfect and I am the original owner.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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