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lights on a C280

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Besides the regular headlights and the high beams and everything, but some cars have a set of, i think, fog lights below those, in the bumper area. I was considering getting a C36, which has those, but I realize that they are too hard to come by (still trying. So now I am looking into mid to late '90s C280s. I noticed that they dont have the lights that I was talking about and I really like the looks of them, so does anybody know what they cost would be (or if its possible) to get those put in?
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Do you like the look of the MB foglights or do you just want some fogligts? They sell some nice aftermarket fogs you could get installed. Shouldn't cost that much at all and it isn't difficult to wire yourself.
In that event you would need a full c36 kit which I understand are very hard to come by (OEM anyway). The thing you'll want most is the c36 engine in which case it wouldn't even be worth an engine swap. Might as well just get a c43 or keep waiting for a c36.
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