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I should have next batch of projector coming next week, for retrofit into Depo headlight.

I can also purchase Depo and put in OEM xenon (HID) package for you if interested. If you already have xenon, reuse the ballast & save serious $$. Email [email protected] for more info

Here're the pix, pretty much same camera setting for light output (1/80, F2.0)

- First pix is test platform
- Next is Depo with H7 bulb, just as you buy it & see it.
- Next is with W211 lens retrofit, and xenon.
- Next is with BMW E39/60 (5 serie) projector, and xenon.
_ Last is with the Stanley projector, found in high-end Japanese car: MOTHER OF ALL LIGHT [8D] [8D]


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