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Lifting 406 cab and need longer bolts...

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So, I picked up a larger set of tires last weekend and need to lift the raise the cab of my 406. I ran over to Fastenal today and the would have to make the rear cab bolts at a cost of $55 a piece!!!

Just checked McMaster Carr and they don't stock what I need either.

Looking for M14 x 1.5 pitch at 140mm or 165mm. Any ideas? Think MB has longer versions of these bolts?

Thanks for any help!

Still waiting for Spring in Cedar Rapids, IA
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If you have no luck there, let me know via PM, and I'll run down to the local farm supply, they have all grades of bolts in all shapes and sizes (Exactly the ones your looking for if I remember correctly) Up here in the great white north. Lemme know and I'll check the price for you, put them in one of those flat rate shipping bags and send them your way.

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