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I thought everyone would appreciate seeing this. It's hard to recommend Langka because it is extremely expensive in my humble opinion (about $10/onze) but still, if it works, it works. If memory serves, the Langka founder was Bob Langka.

Dear Langka rep,
Will you please share this with the founder? I corrisponded with him a few years ago. I wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for the Blob-remover. You may remember me from 3 years ago I bought it for a 1999 Mercedes SLK in a special-ordered Obsidian Black metallic paint (this was before Mercedes made this their preferred special edition paint in the 2000 model year.) Anyway, I reluctantly bought it after being referred by a friend. When I tried it I only had lack-lustered success. I emailed you about it a time or two -- and I believe you went and bought a sample of the Obsidian black metallic paint from Mercedes to try it yourself. Anyway, I've rarely used it since then on only really bad scratches or chips (again with lack-lustered results). But a few weeks ago I was pulling out of my garage, and sadly I scraped the painted column side of my garage opening. Luckly, it was a very light scrape -- only pulling the white paint off my house and bonding it to my car. After an hour of elbow grease and a soapy rag with barely any progress on removing the paint I was ready to quit. However, I remembered my Langka Blob Remover. I dug it out of the back of my auto-detailing closet and in less than 3 minutes I had the paint scrape completely removed. What is more, the original paint looks perfect save for a section about the size of a dime where there is a very minor roughness in the clear coat. My wife's keen eye was the true test -- she couldn't tell anything had happened at all save for a chip out of the yellow turn-signal lens cover. She couldn't even see the clear coat scrape. It's only visible in a certain light, and to the touch it is noticable -- but nearly invisible. Anyway, the Blob-remover came to my rescue this time. It's insanely expensive in my humble opinion, but I'll probably keep a bottle around for emergencies like this. Obviously it's cheaper than repainting. I thought you'd appreciate knowing I'm sharing my story on my favorite Mercedes SLK Internet Forum:
Douglas Bottoms
Indianapolis, IN
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