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Had some annoying issues, that were solved without SDS. I mean just downright annoying like No windshield wipers!!!!!!, NO AC, and refrigerant pressure sensor was high.

I’m talking about the most annoying issues lol.

but one definite sign that your left same is faulty is an indefinite “BRAKE” signal on the left of the cluster. Your Brake Fluid level sensor is not working. Also you may have no temperature Value in the left side of your Cluster.

also the cluster will say “faulty instrument panel,visit workshop”

Don’t fear this issues, this actually great. It points to one major culprit: YOUR left LHD Driverside SAM.

posting just to help if you have concerns. No AC, NO wipers, and BRAKE-illumination is a sign of a corrupt SAM module.

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So I'm glad it seems that you have solved it without SDS :)

However I need to point out to others who read this in the future that going this route is a lottery .............

You need to at least check the Version Coding in most Modules in order to be certain it is correct, otherwise weird stuff can start to happen, like increased Battery drains over a week or more, etc etc if that Version coding is incorrect ;)

Simply matching part numbers is not enough.

Anyway, I'm not trying to P on your parade, perhaps you got lucky, many guys don't ;)
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+1 on correct coding being required for any replacement SAM

I have 2x full spare sets of SAM modules for my 2x w220s and if required I will code them to the car. One car may have a dodgy rear SAM since the trunk lid opens on its own sometimes so I'll read the coding off the old unit and replicate on the replacement
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