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Hi all. Recently bought a nice clean 05 e55 amg.
One fine evening I found my left front suspension plopped low.
I use star diagnostic to calibrate level. Front left was -50mm, right was -11 rear was 0.
It didn't move.

Then I manually increase the left front... Pressure didn't go above 5 bar. And it moved to about -41mm

I manually raised the right and the pressure was a good 13bar..and it went from -11 to 0

Then I jacked the car up, removed the tire, out a jacket and on the lower arm to simulate gravity.
Manual pump again (max 4.6bar) while pump is running I had a friend spray soapy water on the bag, and surrounding, no bubbles is seen.

I got curious, then I remove the wheel we'll liner exposing the valve block, manual pump again (max at 4.6bar) and spray soapy water on the valve blocks where the line is. No bubbles visible.

Then I proceeded to remove the line on top of the strut, in the engine bay... I tested the pump again. I could hear and feel air is coming out.
Now as soon as I put my finger on the line. Sure enough the pressures went up to about 13 . Just like the right strut when I tested earlier...

So pump is fine, valve block no leaks.. So something is making the pump not go bove 5 bar.. (Leaking?) But I couldn't find any bubbles. Oh I also sprayes the line going into the top mount strut. No bubbles.

Is it bad bag? Or bad o ring inside?
Someone mentions " Valve strut" I don't know what that is and how do I test them?

Thanks for reading...

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