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W210 E420/E50 AMG '97, BMW 116d 2012
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Heres the thing. I swapped my interior from walnut to birds eye and bought a new central console wood trim from MB. They now only make them with all wholes drilled. Hence I have two unused wholes.

First of all for a long time I have wanted to have footwell led lighting that can be turned on and off independently of the other interior lights. I want two independent circuits for front and rear foot well led lighting.

Secondly, and this is the whole point of the post, I want the installation to look completely OEM. I find the w210 interior way too well thought out to be messing that up with some random switces here and there.

So since I have two open switch holes in my brand new OEM central console wood trim, I will use two OEM switces (ASR, ESP, TAXI etc) to control the two foot well circuits.

The w210 switces such as esp off, asr off, etc work as canbus switches. They are not simple on/off switches as such. So I need to tap into the canbus, but I am not familiar with this.

Can anyone give me a heads up on the wiring? My E420/E50 is pre facelift so it has no circuits for foot well lights.

Thanks, will post a DIY once I have it figured out if anyone´s interested.
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