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leather treatments

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so... I'm sure this is a religious topic but... I'm curious what you guys like to use on Mercedes leather seats?

The black leather (261) seats in my new cabrio are in very good shape for a 22 year old 250000 mile car, but they are a bit dry, and I'd like to give them some more life, without making them too soft and/or greasy....

I've used Lexol in the past. I actually have a Leatherique kit I bought awhile back and never used, with a liter bottle of both the cleaner/restorer and the preservative.... I think I held back from using it before, because the process seemed so involved.

and... Leather wrapped steering wheels. the wheel on this car shows some signs of having gotten damp and sticky in the past, and is a bit 'lumpy' in places, my wife's E320T is much the same. whats good to use on these that won't make them either too soft or too greasy/slippery ?
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I did notice your back seats looked dry as if the top was left down in the sun quite often. Leatherique with plastic garbage bags left over the rejuvenator to soak in and left warm for a couple days before applying the 2nd step cleaner agent.

On an aside, the Volvo leather sure was good for its day, wasn't it? My dad currently has a S60 2.4T which is nice, but has a bit of a pleather feel. I'll never forget the day we picked up the brand new grey/black '83 245GLT getting in....that smell!
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