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leather seat fix...

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accidentaly dropped some kind of acid (drano) on the back seat (now there is a small hole (2 inches long)) is there any product to fix this ?
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If you can get the cover off without tearing it up you might be able to have the leater panel replaced. We have big leather repair place in Houston that can repair anything leather. Found it after my dog ate a tennis ball sized hole in the sleeve of her shearling coat. They had leather to match and made the other sleeve match. You would have never known. They also fixed furniture so automotive wouldn't have been much of a stretch. The places that do he repairs are only interested in having it last through a 30 day used car warranty. If it is where there will be much stress, even worse. A used seat might be an option. For a lot of folk the back seat doesn't get much use (they use cheap motels).[:D]
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