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Hey all,

There are some scuffs / scratches on some of the front seat bolsters, and also on the driver's seat butt-area panel. Is there some sort of a leather repair kit, or a DIY way, that can fix these issues? There are no tears, cuts, or rips - just some scuffs / scratches.

Also, there are some small cracks on the top-most part of the dash, coming off of the corners of where the airbag is. Is there a repair kit, or a DIY way to fix this?

The vehicle is a '99 E320 with Black Leather interior.

Thanks in advance, everyone! :)

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I have found some good DIY videos for cleaning and repairing leather seats on You might give those a quick look. I have found several of those videos very helpful.

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The leatherique stuff works, but when your leather is to far gone the stuff just cannot do justice, yet the price of the chemicals of several hundred dollars may not be worth it, but for a few hundred more you can get all new leather for the front seats...

I spent about $400 on chemicals thinking i could save it, but it is a lot of effort(like prepping a car for paint)

Here are some pictures of my S320 seats... See post 10 for the contact info..

Your dash, just replace it...

Head on out to Pick your part they have a look-up service, so you do not spin your wheels...

Store Locations | LKQ Pick Your Part

or you can call these guys. They are cheap, and in your back yard...

Euro Chop Shop

Best of luck,

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