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Im trying to find the correct color dye for the gray in my two toned 1999 e55 interior. I just need to know what color the grey is not the black.
Have you checked your datacard?

If you could kindly,
Complete your BW registration profile
so members may better assist you, seeing and knowing what you drive.
Goto your ===> user CP profile====> click on your icon (top right corner of the webpage) ----> then click on "Account Settings"----> goto Account Details----> add vehicle details---->
ADD your make model YEAR (i.e. 01 ml320) into your Profile ----> click save.
YOUR vehicle info will then show/display under your username & avatar
(on the left side) once it is completed.
Members will then see your avatar car info & know what you drive if replying.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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