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Leather Care..what am I doing wrong?

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I used the Leatherique 2 bottle kit exactly as described. The rejuvinator oil that was supposed to "lift away the dirt". then the conditioner. I was not overwhelmed with the results, either by the cleaning process, or by the supposed suppleness. I then repeated two additional times, used a soft bristle brush assuming that would make a difference. left the car indirectly in sun with windows closed to heat up the process. I am still not thrilled. Am I better off with a cream or different product? I doing something wrong? This is a 1997 S420 with 72,000 miles.
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Thank You...I actually did the plastic bag trick and left the oil on 48 hours. It seemed like it dried into that white gummy substance pretty quickly. I guess I'm used to taking a new baseball glove, warming it up, putting the glove oil on it and its like butter after 24 hours. I'll try again this weekend as its supposed to be 75 degrees. I also found that the cracks seem to get darker now on a slate grey leather interior. Any view on sheepskin covers?
The seats are in great condition, no rips or tears. Color good. It is a low mile 72,000 station car. After hearing all the above...I'll give another try. I trying to decide however, once I'm fairly satisfied, do I get sheepskins..? I do plan on making this my last car.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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